2022 Glaze is born!

Glaze is the culmination of all our hard work and years of innovation. Looking back we can see how we connected all the dots in the end although at times it sometimes felt like we where lost at sea. The Glaze story is just beginning. Stay tuned.

2022 Meet Records!

In 2022 we launched our Records.is service. Built on the Mobiz Platform it comes with lots and lots of bells and whistles; Strong security system. Multi-tenant Organization infrastructure. Support for ad-hoc data rooms, eIDAS compatible digital signatures, cryptographically verifiable audit trail of all record changes, AI powered record classification, digital signature workflows and we can go on and on. We are especially proud of the nice usability and focus on empowering individuals to store their legally important records and digital documents.

2021 Go-Retail Pilot Project goes live

We launched Go-Retail as a pilot project against LS-Retail / LS-One powered ecosystems with LS-One being a typical example of the type of “legacy” system we integrate and sandbox using our technology stack. A great product, with amazing features and capabilities but mostly developed between 2000 and 2010 resulting in Win32 and Web1.0 powered architecture which does not work well when trying to meet modern expectations of contactless QR code and NFC driven customer experience. Building on all our existing technology we quickly established a cool concept - a kind of “contactless experience designer”. We started showing this to people in the field and the strong feedback we got was a clear indicator. We are on to something here!

2021 More innovation at Posturinn

In 2021 we continued innovating with the Icelandic Postal office and now it was time to completely automate the process of registering packages and shipments via the mobile app. For this phase the development group at Posturinn was taking on more responsibilities and we slowly handed over the project having helped bootstrapping their internal development environment from “simple-in-house server deploy from developer machine” to a cutting edge infrastructure running on AWS using ElasticSearch for handling customer peak load, powering search and high performance app experience. Code covered in tests with SAP sandboxed and mocked. The whole solution running in Kubernetes with automatic build and deployment pipelines, CI and peer reviewed merge requests. A complete development project makeover. Powered by Mobiz.

2020 Iceland Postal Service Reboot

A complete digitalization of Iceland Postal Office’s customer facing services. How? A familiar story for us. The challenge: A complete postal service infrastructure implementation done in SAP over the last 30 years. Now management wanted to move the company into the 21st century which included digitalization of customer facing services. The challenge was big: A new app capable of servicing tens of thousands of users simultaneously with real-time updates from SAP. At the same time a complete upgrade of operation infrastructure from old-school server hosting to AWS with all latest and greatest automation, optimization and operational improvements. How can this be done? Of course implementing the app itself was not the issue - the challenge was providing the scalable, realtime data and stable integration with SAP. So the answer as before was to build it on Mobiz. BTW. Our team also designed and implemented the mobile app - we think it’s amazingly cool and we are super proud of this project. It was crazy hard to pull of but the rewards of seeing it running in the service of Iceland. How great to be alive in this world!

2020 Rannis grant awarded to CodeNorth for digital trust technology project .RECORDS

The challenge was out there. Some of us had worked on implementing record management systems in previous lifetimes. Jónas had actually spent some years as the CTO of a SaaS record management startup. Arnthor, Our CEO, was COO in the same startup. Incidentally Jónas & Arnþór had also collaborated on an invoice scanning service in C++ and .NET beta versions as early as 2002 so our roots go deep into the domain of storing verifiable records and record trails. Now, we constantly encountered requirements in our business scenarios to be able to generate records, to stamp data with keys and sign documents. At the same time some amazing innovation was coming out the trenches of companies like Google and Amazon in this direction. When Amazon launched QLDB, their block-chain inspired quantum ledger we immediately saw a world of opportunities opening up. We decided to apply for a grant with Rannís and fortunately the great people there saw the light and understood the amazing potential of this stuff. The rest is history at www.records.is

2019 ERP Ecosystems and Heartbeat Cloud

Now wanting to expand our vision into the wider space of business activity we started probing into different ecosystems and experimenting with complex integrations, all while doing contracting work pouring any profit margin we might find into R&D. Yes, it is true. Everything you have heard about how hard it is to bootstrap a technology startup by funding it with paying projects, it’s all true! Like Elon Musk once famously said: “Starting a company is like eating glass and staring into the abyss.”. We kind of agree. Still, there is the upside that everything you do is always grounded in reality of real projects and real people’s requirements. So we continued our search for the holy grail of cool engineering. We started constructing a vision for framing our concept; “Heartbeat - The pulse of your business”. We prototyped this against Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / NAV and Uniconta and did a feasibility test project in collaboration with Islandsbanki which provided focus groups of employees and customers. We learned a lot, including that the basic concept had a problem we could not resolve. More on that later.

2018 Putting the band back together

Initially Kóði ehf was a founding member of Code North but because of fast growing success in their core business with high internal workload they left the Code North project in early 2016. In 2018 a group of old friends came together. Some old friends from kindergarten in Þorlákshöfn. Friends from university days in Reykjavík University. Three friends running a service operation named the very icelandic name: “Hlaði” specializing in fintech. Hlaði + Jónas decided to expand on the already special friendship and years of collaboration around different projects, startups and companies by joining forces. Hlaði’s senior developers: Arnþór Ingi Hinriksson, Ólafur Guðjónsson and Jóhann Grétarsson became part of the core owner team.

2018 More mobile apps made by Code North

In 2018 DK’s own developer team took over the dk-one project’s core development and quickly achieved velocity in-house to continue innovation by developing new mobile apps and adding features to the ones we had already released. In collaboration with DK we worked on hardening the technology stack, especially in terms of security, performance and scalability.

2017 DK Launches series of Mobile apps

After establishing a solid sandboxing of the DK ERP Application we could start the real customer facing innovation phase. We could now develop cool mobile applications against the new cloud service. Soon we launched a work-tracking app with great success. Using our technology the end-user was actually browsing business data from an amazingly fast Elastic Search cluster and not really communicating over the cable all the way into the win32 world until a write operation had to be executed. End users loved the speed and capabilities of the mobile experience. DK’s business grew with new mobile products. This was exactly what we had hoped to achieve. Initial mission accomplished. Having proved our vision for N, we now “only” had to prove that it would hold for N+1.

2016 Dk-One powered by Mobiz Platform

After months of hard work we launched an initial version of our cloud platform running against legacy DK installations across any location boundaries. Powered by our technology stack: The Mobiz Platform. The service has been running and growing ever since at Dk-One.is. Our platform has grown by leaps and bounds since then but the fundamental idea still remains the same. Nowadays the platform even has it’s own documentation site: Mobiz Platform Handbook

2015 - Our story begins

The Icelandic musician and passionate geek Jónas Sigurðsson founded Code North in cooperation with Kóði ehf. The mission: to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to access their operational information in a new way, outside of the limitation of the currently dominant ERP / Accounting system paradigms. After meeting with some smart people at DK - Iceland’s leading ERP vendor - a collaboration was established. A generic technology foundation for sandboxing legacy software and integrating with modern cloud software stack. Thus the Mobiz Platform was born.